Why Do We Rub Our Eyes When Tired?

Why Do We Rub Our Eyes When Tired?

November 10, 2020 Off By loquaciouslady

Rubbing our eyes have become a habit; we rub our eyes to get instant relaxation. The scientific reason behind it is while rubbing our eyes stimulates lacrimal glands, which produce some tears to soothe our tired eyes but rub eyes is not good. It can affect your eyes; one should use an eye massager to rub their eyes.

Eye massager is a great product that works primarily on the eye by making you feel more relax and calm. The massager is always great to deal with tired eyes, and one can buy the best eye from reputed online stores at affordable prices. Although rubbing eyes give people a sense of please, but on the other side it brings some severe issues to eyes.

Why Do We Rub Our Eyes When Tired?

Rubbing eyes for a more extended period can damage your vision and make you look older than your actual age. Sometimes people rub their eyes because they feel some itchiness; the reason behind this could be dirt or excessive stress. There are many alternatives that a person can use for eyes than rubbing it to remove tiredness, such as wash your eyes with cold water and eye massager. Listed below is some useful information that will change your mind about rubbing eyes frequently.

Why should you avoid rubbing your eyes?

Dark circles

  • These appear on the skin due to many reasons such as the use of medications, allergies, age, fatigue, and anemia. Among all of these, the most common reason is rubbing your eyes. Yes, it is a reason for dark circles, and you might not have heard it before. Many researchers have proved that scratching and rubbing eyes can cause dark circles near the eye.
  • The skin around our eyes is delicate and thinnest. Whenever we rub our eyes, we damage the tiny blood vessels under the skin’s surface. The blood flows into the surrounding tissue when the blood vessels break, and it gives our skin a darker shadowy color. Dark circles never look good on the skin; it can become a hindrance to your beauty and even make you look older and more tired. You can protect your eyes by wearing an eye mask while going to sleep.

Eye infections

  • We use our hands for everything, and our hands are the dirtiest part of our body, consisting of various dirt, germs, and microbes. When we use these hands to rub our eyes, it can cause some infections to the eyes. Rewashing our hands might not remove all the germs in hand, and many times people forget to rub their hands before rubbing eyes.
  • The most common microbes present on hands are staphylococcus, salmonella, streptococcus, and E. coli, which enhances the risk of infections. You can use the best eye massager as the device can help your eyes to protect your eyes from infection as well as you will able to get instant relief from any itchiness. People have often observed some scratched cornea and thinned cornea due to excessive rubbing of eyes with dirty hands.

Why Do We Rub Our Eyes When Tired?

Damage vision

  • Excessive rubbing of eyes sometimes leads to blurred and lower vision. It is the most common side effect of rubbing eyes; one should not avoid this habit as soon as possible. Eyes are the most useful and necessary body part, and little defect in this can spoil your carrier and life.
  • You will feel sudden changes in your appearance, and people will observe you as a dull person with unclear vision. Never compromise with your eyes; you can get a replacement of anything but not eyes. Take extra care of eyes by avoiding rubbing. People who have undergone eye surgery should strictly avoid this habit; it can make you permanently blind. We know the habit is tough to break, but one can at least try it by using some best eye massager. The instruments like eye massager help eyes see clearly by activating the cells and hormones in the body.
  • Millions of people are using eye massager to enhance their vision, and the results of this are awe-inspiring. You should go for it and make your eyes more clean and bright, so you don’t feel any tiredness and do your work efficiently. If you feel other issues in your eyes that insist you’re to rub eyes, then you should concern the doctor immediately.

The dangers of rubbing your eyes!

  • Rubbing your eyes is never a good option; you can develop some issues like dull vision, stress, headache, and pain. Many people believe that rubbing eyes gives them instant relaxation, which is not true. The bitter reality of rubbing eyes helps in the secretion of tears that lubricate the eye from any itchiness or dirt.
  • You might get instant relief from itchiness and dirt, but it will affect your eyes very badly. Rubbing eyes is not a solution; in many cases, many nerves get pressed while rubbing that cause blood clots in the eye, which can lead to some severe pain and blurry vision. If such a situation happens, it is advisable to deal with a doctor rather than curing it on your own.
  • Eyes are among the most used body part, and we feel tired when we do excessive work like using phones or laptops for a longer time. Like any other body part, our eyes also need relaxation, and the best way to get instant relaxation is the best eye massager.
  • Relaxing your eyes become very necessary to live a better life. You have to take care of your eyes by giving it proper massage using a massager; hands alone can’t do this task properly. Massagers like devices work perfectly and don’t cause any harm to you.

Final thoughts!

Rubbing eyes is a serious risk; it can cause various defects in the eye. The above mention is useful information that will encourage you to take care of your eyes by using eye massagers. You can get eyes, massager, from online or local store according to your budget and need.