Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

January 16, 2013 Off By loquaciouslady

That’s what my husband asked me a week or two ago.

I looked at him and said, “I hope not. I don’t think I’m a ghost.”

Har har. I know. Jo hit six-months and took off. I have been doing my best to keep up with this active little bundle of energy while keeping our not-sure-what-to-think-of-her dogs from being pet too hard or from getting aggressive with her (so far, so good).

I have kept a slow but steady pace with my photography (it’s as fast as I can move while being a stay-at-home mom), and I am trying to lose weight. I still live in a house that needs more help than I have time to give it, cleaning-wise.

And this poor blog…it’s just gotten the back-burner. I used to feel guilty about it. Then I looked at my life, took inventory of the crazy day-to-day that I live, and decided that posting once every now and then is actually pretty darn good.

So it’s still alive. It’s just in a roughly vegetative state.

Since I last posted, we had Josey’s first Christmas, and our first Christmas as parents. It was awesome. I didn’t grow up with Santa, but Tom did and Josey is, so this was my first Christmas with a Santa experience. It was so fun.

She had a chance to meet him in the mall, and she didn’t even cry! We were very proud of her…and fairly surprised at how well she did!

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

On Christmas Eve, we made cookies after dinner to go on our “Santa’s cookies” plate.

Is Loquacious Lady Dead? Is Loquacious Lady Dead? Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

Then we took a family picture with her in her Christmas pjs and read her the Christmas story found in Luke (Tom’s favorite gospel). Then we put Ms. Jo in bed so that she could rest for the following day…and so that Santa could drop off a special delivery for a very good girl.

As you can see in her face, she didn’t know how to feel about all that was going on during Christmas Eve.

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

But she knew how she felt about her presents the next morning!

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

Santa brought her a Radio Flyer wagon with a shade and a storage bag on the back. In it, he left her a book called “Red Wagon” that is really cute. She LOVES her wagon. We frequently take it on walks now in place of a stroller when the weather is nice and the walk isn’t going to be too long.

She also got plenty of presents from me and Tom, and a stocking full of goodies. That was just at our house.

After that, she had Christmas with my family at her GG and Papa Doc’s house (my parents), followed by Christmas at Nana’s house (Tom’s grandmother) with Tom’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. The next day, she got up and had more Christmas presents to open at her Memac and Popey’s house (Tom’s parents).

We literally couldn’t bring everything back with us because it didn’t all fit in the car. Wow! What a loved and blessed little baby.

Christmas has always been mine and Tom’s favorite holiday, but it was even neater to experience it all as a parent. The excitement in her face at seeing her wagon, the fact that she was more excited to see her cousins than her presents, and even the sheer exhaustion we all felt at the end of the night are all things I will tuck away in my memory.

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

What a gift to have so many people in our lives to celebrate with at Christmas.

And what a gift to give your only, precious child as the ultimate sacrifice to save the world….God did for me what I couldn’t do for anyone, even if Josey was able to bear that burden for the world. I can’t imagine Christmas was as happy a time for God the Father as it is for all of us, but I am so grateful that it happened anyway.

Three days after Christmas, Josey turned eleven months old. Such a big girl! I took some photos, of course.

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

Is Loquacious Lady Dead?

She is growing so fast! And I can’t get enough of her sweet, silly, precious personality.

Since then, I’ve been working on getting stuff together for her first birthday. I’ve been making decorations for her party, ordering invitations and an outfit for her to wear, and making arrangements for the cake, etc.

I’ve also been trying to sort out where I will do her one-year portraits, and what exactly I want them to look like (which I might as well not even figure out, because she always ends up doing something different, busy person that she is). I have an (over-the-top) outfit picked out for it already (I’m talking a dress made of feathers here). And I bought a custom headband to go with it. So the setting is next to figure out.

So much to do. So little time. And before I can catch my breath, my tiny infant will be a toddler. I better take myself off to bed before I start crying at the very thought of her turning a year old.

I still feel as though we just walked in the door from the hospital, carrying that tiny bundle of love. And now, she’s walking around, jabbering, saying “mama” and “daddy” and barking at the dogs. She laughs hard and is determined to get her way. She has the best smile.

She’s had every holiday in a year already, including her first Christmas and New Year’s.

She is in the last few weeks of being a baby. I can’t believe it.

But you better believe that’s why I’m not blogging as much these days! There’s very little time to do so, and I’m having so much fun living this life that I can hardly find time to document it.

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

And viva la Loquacious Lady!