Have an Herbal Christmas

November 30, 2010 Off By loquaciouslady

A few weeks ago, the new Harry Potter movie came out, and Tom and I saw it the day it was out. We are HUGE geeks for Harry Potter. I love the books so much and enjoy the movies too.

We aren’t the only ones, either. My friend, Jessica White, has now seen three Harry Potter movies with me and Tom on opening weekend. Our friends Robert Lee and Daniel also try to make it when they can (I think they’ve been to two of those three with me, Tom, and Jess). This time was no different. All five of us had dinner then saw the movie.

But before the movie began, we were joined by two new-comers to our Harry Potter movie-going group. My cousin, Theresa Anne, and her husband, Brian, drove all the way in from Savannah to see this movie in the IMAX theater. That is some dedication right there.

Since they came all that way, they stayed with us that night. And this is where we get to the “herbal Christmas” part of my post. When they came in that night, they complimented my Christmas decorations.


It was November 19th, and I definitely didn’t have any decorations out yet. When Tom and I saw what they were talking about, we were still laughing about it days later.

What they mistook for decorations was actually a bunch of oregano that I had picked from my garden, washed and set out to dry so I could get it ready for storing. I had left it to dry before leaving for the movies, and it was all over the breakfast bar.

Brian and TA were sweet to compliment such…unusual…”decor,” but that’s definitely NOT how I decorate for Christmas! Don’t worry! After we explained, they thought it was pretty funny too.

I was still laughing about it the next day as I began to clean it up. Tom suggested I take a picture of it, because he knew I’d want to poke fun at them on my blog later. It’s always more fun with evidence! TA and Brian are awesome, and they always tell me about what they read about on my blog. So I thought it was about time they got a feature.

Unfortunately, since we all lounged around in our pj’s the next day after such a late night, we didn’t take any pictures together, so I have none to share. But I couldn’t resist sharing my edible “decor.”